Jalcon - Blackburn Point


Jalcon - Blackburn Point

Visual Identity

Best in show

Auckland’s most awarded builders, Jalcon Homes, are renowned for their design flair and build quality. Bring this together on one of the most sought-after coastal spots in Hobsonville Point and you’ve got something special.

Our response? A visual identity and brand story that differentiates and positions Blackburn Point as the premium development in Hobsonville Point. 

Architectural form is intrinsic to the word marque design and provides a useful device to capture our audiences’ attention. The colour palette is sophisticated and classic. The hero photographic image - aspirational and emotive.

The identity was versatile enough to translate across all marketing communications - from sales collateral and website design to print and digital advertising campaigns and EDMs – and engagement levels far surpassed expectations. A stand-out performance for a stand-out development.


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