Brand Video

'Get Together'

SeaLink asked us to produce a short brand film as a fitting opener to the premiere of Orphans & Kingdoms – a New Zealand film set in Waiheke, that they decided to sponsor.

It needed to be sympathetic to the main movie’s themes of delicate human relationships and disconnection. Given the SeaLink tagline, ‘Get Together’, we focused on the SeaLink journey experience and the emotion of reconnection.

We didn’t have long to do it. In a single working session we mapped out the concept and devised the backbone of the script and then shot it over two days. A small team made for a tight team, less prolonged approvals on the smallest of things and more decision making on the spot, keeping things spontaneous and pure. It meant we could use old-fashioned creative instinct, let the project’s creative intent prevail, and seriously change the way people feel.

Brand Identity