Hallenstein Glasson


Hallenstein Glasson

Sustainability Report 2023

The future relies on today's sustainable business practices and investors are quick to differentiate between companies that do and those that don’t. Telling a company’s sustainability story through carefully crafted and well-designed reporting has become a vital means of conveying performance and impact on various sustainability fronts.

Since 2020, we've partnered with Hallenstein Glasson, starting with their first sustainability report. It outlined their commitment structured within the framework of People, Product, and Planet and presented through the thematic idea of 'Made with Care.'

We established the sustainability identity’s visual style for the first two years refining it in 2022 with changes to typography, colour, and the introduction of pattern.

This year (2023), we evolved the visual direction further still to dial up the company’s openness, honesty, and authenticity about the progress it’s making, always careful to avoid self-congratulation and emphasise instead the ongoing efforts to address areas for improvement.

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