Brand Identity

The Heart of the South beating louder

Manukau is, at heart, a proud and vibrant city. But, overshadowed by Auckland's strong identity, it's become — as one resident put it — “a place of no one, though it is a place of everyone.” Locals describe their Manukau as the friendliest, most easy-going city in Aotearoa, but also the gateway to an economy abundant with commercial, academic and cultural opportunity. It’s all here, they said. Problem is, it’s hard to see.

Our challenge was to put Manukau back on the map as a destination with confidence, personality and plenty to offer.

The fresh identity brings vibrancy to the streets, with a bold palette inspired by cultural diversity, green spaces, a youthful population and an enviable community spirit. The dynamic graphic device allows Manukau to emphasise its centrality while projecting its personality across different environments and roles. From wayfinding and street signage to retail and ambassadorial support, partnerships and collaborations to events and digital media, it projects the optimism of a new, forward-looking generation.

Disclaimer: Artwork shown here is of the original identity concept work

Manukau place branding
Manukau brand identity
Manukau brand imagery
Manukau brand identity
Manukau identity
Manukau branding
Manukau brand design
Manukau website design
Wayfinding in Manukau
Manukau place branding
Manukau stakeholder branding