KFC Fort St


KFC Fort St

Restaurant Concept Design

Hail the Colonel.
Same. But different.

Fort Street was the chance for a contemporary urban take on KFC. Not another KFC, but a new KFC – distinctive, different, yet consistent and authentically ‘Always Original.’

We deconstructed KFC’s stories and visual equities and reconstructed them specifically for a Fort Street audience. Because to succeed in the new downtown neighbourhood, KFC had to be culturally relevant. It needed to fit in, not just stand out.

By dialling up the personality and iconic status of the original ‘celebrity chef’, Colonel Sanders, we shifted the balance and made it cool.

KFC Fort St Colonel Sanders Neon
KFG Fort St signage
KFC Fort St interior
KFC Fort St bowtie
KFC Fort St digital kiosks
KFC Fort St order window
KFC Fort St table detail
KFC Fort St wall graphic
KFC Fort St bowtie detail
KFC Fort St toilet sign
KFC Fort St toilet wallpaper
KFC Fort St wall graphic detail
KFC Fort St walkway graphic
KFC Fort St stools detail
KFC Fort St wallpaper detail Colonel Sanders