Digital Reporting

Look at paying, from a different perspective.

For every taxi there's an Uber, for every hotel there's an AirBnB and for every purchase, there's Laybuy. Laybuy has changed consumers outlook on purchasing goods – an easy way to get things now and pay for them later.

This was an the inaugural report for Laybuy, so we had the opportunity to set the corporate communication style. It was clean, simplified, and premium. 

We played into the idea of perspective - looking at and using products, from a different point of view - using close up iconography to illustrate the content. 

We also created an unexpected, dynamic and engaging take on an AGM presentation. The presentation was due to be delivered in person in Australia, however due to disruption to the travel bubble and the unpredictable Covid world we live in, the presentation was delivered digitally.

All of the relevant information designed to be beautifully simplistic in its delivery, backed by subtle interactions between and on page transitions. A presentation in motion – focusing on bringing key moments to life to engage viewers.

You’re looking at an AGM, from a different perspective. 


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